Application Process
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The Clowes Fund approaches the grant proposal process in two phases: Preliminary and Final.
Preliminary Proposals are due November 1. Final Proposals are due February 1
Funding decisions are communicated by July 1.

Before submitting a Preliminary or Final Proposal, please read our full guidelines (PDF) and the relevant web page for your particular geographic region.


If your organization has not received a competitive grant from The Clowes Fund within the past five years (2015-2019), you must submit a Preliminary Proposal to introduce your organization before you invest in the development of a Final (full) Proposal. Few Preliminary Proposals advance to Final Proposals. A complete Preliminary Proposal consists of the Online Application and a Narrative Summary (PDF) attachment, both of which must be submitted via eGrant by NOVEMBER 1. The eGrant link on the APPLY web page will become live on our website by mid-September. In the interim, you may view the application form as a PDF to familiarize yourself with the information required in eGrant. The Fund will notify you via e-mail by the end of December regarding whether you may submit a Final Proposal.


If your organization has received a grant from The Clowes Fund in the past five years (2015-2019), before you submit a Final Proposal you should seek guidance from Fund staff about an appropriate grant size, type and term by e-mailing a brief statement of intent well in advance of the proposal deadline (i.e. by mid-December). A statement of intent may be a few paragraphs, typically no more than one page. Staff guidance does not guarantee funding, but it may enhance the competitive quality of your proposal. A complete Final Proposal consists of the completed Online Application, the Narrative and other Required PDF Attachments, all of which must be submitted via eGrant by FEBRUARY 1.

Application AND REPORT Forms

For Grantseekers:

For Grantees:

Click here to view two exemplary Grant Self-Evaluation Reports submitted by Noble of Indiana, Inc. and Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project.