Indianapolis, Indiana
Funding Priorities

The Clowes Fund supports organizations and programs that focus primarily on socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals. In Indianapolis, the Fund gives preference to two social services interests, described below, in Marion County and the seven contiguous counties. In Indiana, the Fund will limit its consideration of Preliminary Proposals to priorities for immigrants, refugees and asylees. The Fund will no longer consider Preliminary Proposals for workforce development; however, previous workforce development grantees may seek guidance about consideration of a Final Proposal by submitting a statement of intent.

The Fund will continue its current grantmaking activities in Indianapolis in support of immigrants, refugees and asylees as well as workforce (including youth) development and certain legacy grantees for at least 10 years. For more information about eligibility and the application process, please follow the tabs and read the guidelines in entirety.

Social Services

Immigrants, Refugees and Asylees – The Fund is interested in supporting efforts to address the economic, linguistic, legal and psychological hurdles that foreign-born individuals and their children face during integration into the United States’ society and its economy.

Workforce Development – The Fund is interested in ensuring that all individuals have access to both jobs skills training and the support services necessary to enable them to participate fully in the economic life of their communities. In addition, we are interested in supporting youth development efforts that prevent students (ages 15 to 25) from dropping out of school and assist in the re-entry of dropouts or their pursuit of an alternate course to economic self-sufficiency.